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Humanity to launch Hyper-Response 2 January 2023

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Sunday October 16 2022
19:00 PM
After a year of:
(1) Almost constant attacks by the hyperthreat of climate & environmental crisis, across all continents;
(2) Warnings that climate & ecological breakdown is occurring more quickly than expected;
(3) It becoming apparent that the hyperthreat has captured almost all of humanity's sense-making, decision-making and communication capacities; and
(4) It being obvious that no leader or person in position of authority is even contemplating crisis planning or action (with many stiffling emergent crisis planning like "PLAN E");
Humanity has decided it will launch its own Hyper-Response.
It is understood the decision was reached in a telepathic fashion, akin to "the 100th Monkey syndrome."
The animal and plant kingdom sent messages to human hearts everywhere, and the message was heeded. Such messaging actually over-powered counter-narratives funded by the hyperthreat.
As people patted their dog's heads, walked under trees, smelled flowers, surfed in the ocean and watched sunsets, little did they know they were communicating with something MUCH GRANDER than social media algorithms.
An initial briefing about one concept for a HYPER-RESPONSE will occur on Tuesday 18th October 2022.  Register here.  
All earth citizens are invited.
It is requested that all those involved in traditional forms of warfare, or gang violence and the like, lay down their arms and walk away. Old style warfare and conflict is a distraction from the main fight that must be fought, and only aids our mutual enemy the HYPERTHREAT.
It is requested that people of good hearts use all means to spread this message, around the blockages and barriers created by the hyperthreat itself.
People can prepare by reading PLAN E. (See links via  'writing tab' on