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Webinars, online talks

  • 10th November 2022: War in a Changing Climate, with 'World Beyond War' and 'Just Collapse.'
  • 3rd August 2022: Webinar recording - "PLAN E" - University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra, Australia. "Conflict & Society" seminar series. No.5 (Talk from 03:33 - 43:00 mins, followed by Q&A). 



  • 6th March 2023: The Voices of War podcast, with Vedran Maslic. 'Tackling the Climate Change Hyperthreat: Plan E, Entangled Security and harnesing a Hyper-response.' 

  • 11th October 2022: Collapse Club. "Hyperthreat and Healing" - Liz Boulton, live with David Baum.

  • 16th August 2022: Quillwood Podcast. Dr Eric Garza (Quillwood Academy & University of Vermont, USA) "QP 18: Global Warming as Hyperthreat and Entangled Security, with Elizabeth Boulton." 

  • 15th August 2022: 3CR Radio Podcast. "The Climate Action Show" with Vivien Langford. "RECALIBRATING THE MILITARY TO DISARM THE CLIMATE HYPERTHREAT  AND ITS FOSSIL ALLIES."


Education Videos

Climate change as a hyperthreat

Introduces the theoretical background behind the ‘hyperthreat’ idea

Climate & ‘threat language’

During extreme bushfires in Australia 2019-2020 (1 minute)


During COVID19 pandemic – July 2020 (1 minute, 30 secs) Aims to capture the false sense of control and security of the modern world, how humanity has ample checks and balances in place for routine, minor, pre-climate threats, yet is unprepared for the climate and environmental  hyperthreat.