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Hi, my name is Liz Boulton and I live in a quiet Regional area of Victoria, Australia.

I set up this website so I could have an independent and direct way to convey research, but I am also interested in facilitating conversation in general on 'how' Humanity can reach SAFEEARTH. 



  • Knowledge for all. Make new research accessible and understandable for the average person. #Research2Public

  • Independence. The site is self funded and is not beholden to any funding agency etc.

  • Real conversation. Security strategy, in the 21st century, requires a societal wide hyper-conversation.

Dr Elizabeth G Boulton


  • Emergency logistics (military & NGOs).
  • Sustainable supply chain consulting.
  • Climate risk communication.
  • Work in Asia Pacific; Africa; Middle East.
  • Writing & general interests in gender, equity, justice, arts & culture issues.


  • BaArts (1st class hons) Literature/History (UNSW)
  • MBA HR/logistics (UNSW)
  • Masters Climate Policy: Sustainable supply chains (UniMelb)
  • PhD: Time to reframe threat? (ANU)
Academic publications

Why we need a new way to talk and conduct sense-making

This is such a critical moment in human history, yet capacity to share knowledge and discuss issues across the community is hampered by a range of barriers:

  • Closed door policy-making
  • Media ownership
  • Social media algorithms
  • Deliberate fake news and misinformation
  • Bias (class, tribalism, gender, mental health etc)
  • Plain old power-mongering dynamics

Meanwhile, the cost of education is going up, especially for Humanities courses... This is a worry because the 'humanities' can turbo-boost our capacity for sense-making... something we need in confusing times... 


Research focus

My research developed the idea that, considered together, global warming and general environmental degradation, constitute a new type of threat.

A threat which Humanity has not faced before… a ‘hyperthreat’. In other words, the way in which killing, harm and destruction will occur, in the 21st Century is very different.... We need a new strategy...


I apply military analytical and planning tools to consider how to contain the ‘hyperthreat’ of climate and environmental change.

How do we tame the hyperthreat beast? 


Strategy making and the need for a


My initial focus was upon developing the conceptual frameworks that would allow an adequate strategy to be developed.

I have also tinkered with an initial tangible plan for how Humanity can safely reach Destination Safe Earth.

However, an adequate strategy (or plan) would require far more input, from far more people...

That’s why I wish to introduce the concepts and ideas... so more people can meaningfully participate and critique the issues...


People like you? 

Transdisciplinary approach – what’s that?

I take a ‘transdisciplinary’ approach…. That means… fusing knowledge domains to create new knowledge…

Sense-making in the Anthropocene means coming out of silos…

I draw from whichever ‘discipline’ or field of knowledge might help solve the problem…

  • security theory
  • military strategy
  • climate and environmental science and policy
  • social science
  • neuroscience
  • literature
  • cultural studies
  • eco-philosophy
  • theology
  • current affairs
  • popular culture


Justice issues and #MeToo

  • After being a hard-working, loyal worker throughout my 20s and 30s, when I turned 40 years old, I reached a point I called “40 and fed-up.”
  • I started speaking up, initially very politely, on what I saw as various unfair practices. The retaliation and escalation taught me much about how power is enacted and maintained within modern western industrial society. Over 10 years, (the “fighting years”), I tested our justice systems and institutions and discovered that they failed, 100% of the time.
  • These lived experiences informed my research, while vice-versa, the research also helped me better understand my experiences, and the meta-structural dynamics that were going on.
  • It was painful, my own flaws were exposed, but I also saw the dark underbelly of our society. I see that other people, all over the world, have been on a similar journey and have reached similar conclusions about corrupted institutions and ineffective governance. 
  • I don’t think we can reach Destination Safe Earth unless these issues are addressed, and this viewpoint informs my approach.