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Elizabeth G Boulton, PhD


welcome to my website!  

My name is Liz Boulton and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I am an eco-security theorist.



  • Accesible research. #Research2Public.
  • Indepedence.  The site is self-funded.
  • Real conversation. In the 21st Century, security strategyrequires a societal wide hyper-conversation. 

Research focus

My research developed the idea that the climate and environmental crisis constitute a new type of threat: 

 ....a hyperthreat.


I apply military analytical and planning tools to consider how to contain the ‘hyperthreat’ of climate and environmental change.

How do we tame the hyperthreat beast? 



This led to 'PLAN E' - the world's first climate and ecologically centred security strategy. 

(Published by US Marine Corps University Press, 2022). 


Professional background

My professional career began as an Officer in the Australian Army, deploying to East Timor in 1999 and Iraq in 2004. As a civilian, I undertook logistic and humanitarian work in Ghana, Nigeria and Sudan. 

I later worked as a consultant on sustainable freight transport and supply chain strategy for Australian government agencies. I then moved to the Bureau of Meteorology, working in its National Climate Centre for 3 years in climate risk communication.

My PhD work brings together my background in the security and climate sector. 



    • 2020: PhD, Australian National University (ANU) 
    • 2007: Masters Environmental Policy, University of Melbourne (UniMelb). 
    • 2001: MBA HR/logistics. University of New South Wales (UNSW)
    • 1994: BaArts (1st class hons) Literature/History (UNSW)
    Academic publications



    I am available for consulting, lecturing, and running 'war-game' scenario planning activities using the hyperthreat / hyper-response and PLAN E concepts. Get in touch to discuss what suits.

    Strategy making and the need for a


    My initial focus was upon developing the conceptual frameworks that would allow an adequate strategy to be developed.

    However, an adequate strategy (or plan) would require far more input, from far more people...

    That’s why I wish to introduce the concepts and ideas... so more people can meaningfully participate and critique the issues...


    People like you? 

    Transdisciplinary approach – what’s that?

    I take a ‘transdisciplinary’ approach…. That means… fusing knowledge domains to create new knowledge…

    Sense-making in the Anthropocene means coming out of silos…

    I draw from whichever ‘discipline’ or field of knowledge might help solve the problem…

    • security theory
    • military strategy
    • climate and environmental science and policy
    • social science
    • neuroscience
    • literature
    • cultural studies
    • eco-philosophy
    • theology
    • current affairs
    • popular culture