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What is stopping us?


Why hasn't humanity responded effectively to ecological breakdown global warming?

Over a decade of research, from multiple fields, finds that one big barrier is human’s “deep frames.”

Deep frames

This is a cognitive science term for what could more simply be called a worldview or a underlying philosophy.

Deep frames are like the subconscious steering wheel that guides perceptions, values, behaviour, decisions and ultimately institutional design and strategic responses to problems.

They can also become part of social and political power structures.

The ‘modern human’ doesn’t have the right ‘software’ to understand or respond to this problem…

Ok, so I have two questions:
1. How do you install new software into humans?
2. Where do we find the ‘right’ new software?

To answer your 1st question, “how do you install new software into humans?”... Short answer:
1. STORY is one of the best ways.
2. Long answer… see diagram below…



On, your 2nd question: Where do we find the ‘right’ new software?

Have a look at the ‘New Thinking’ section…