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Academic publications 

(If links below do not work; PDFs of key papers are on E.G. Boulton's Academia webpage)

Forthcoming:  ‘The Hyperthreat and Politico-Military Response: Outcomes from a Military Appreciation of Entangled Security’, chapter in 'Climate Change, Conflict and (In)Security: Hot War' (1st edition), Edited By Timothy Clack, Ziya Meral, Louise Selisny, Routledge, 2024

PLAN E (THEORY): "PLAN E Grand Strategy for the Twenty-First-Century Era of Entangled Security and Hyperthreats," Journal Advanced Military studies (JAMS) Vol. 13, No.1, 2022. US Marine Corps University Press, Washington. (pp 92 - 128). (Alternate LINK via Project Muse) 

PLAN E (EXAMPLE PLAN): An Introduction to PLAN E: Grand Strategy for the Twenty-First-Century Era of Entangled Security and Hyperthreats, Expeditions with Marine Corps University Press (MCUP) (Digital Journal), 2022. (Alterate LINK via Project MUSE). 

The Gender Dimension, in Niche Wars Australia in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2001–2014 2020

Climate Change as a Hyperthreat,in Australian Contributions to Strategic and Military Geography, 2018

Climate change as a ‘hyperobject’:  review of Timothy Morton's narrative Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change  2016

"A user-centred design approach to the Seasonal Climate Outlook," in Climate ExChange. World Meteorological Organization, 2012



Group think: Paralysis and the missing ONI climate security report; Pearls & Irritations, John Menadue Public Policy Journal, 16 September 2023

Redefining violence is key to planetary security, Pearls & Irritations, John Menadue Public Policy Journal, 23 August 2023

Climate and ecological security: time for rogue thinking?   Pearls & Irritations, John Menadue Public Policy Journal, 28 July 2023

We must address the alarming rates of female veteran suicide, Women's Agenda & P&I Journal, 19 Feb 2023

After COP27, What Are The Options? An Introduction to Plan E.  Scientists' Warning, 23 November 2022

What happens if the climate and ecological crisis is framed as a national threat? Six Insights.  Pearls & Irritations, John Menadue Public Policy Journal, 8 Sep 2022

Climate Change Isn’t a Threat Multiplier. It’s the Main Threat.  Defense One, 2 July 2022. 

Applying war theory to the hyperthreat of climate and environmental change Independent Australia, 25 May 2022

A response to: “Double Game” by Richard Denniss and Allan Behm, Australian Foreign Affairs Journal, AFA13 - October 2021

Plan E: A climate-centred security strategy? Green Agenda Quarterly Journal Spring 2021

Telling the story of climate change: threat or emergency? The Power to Persuade 2019  

The new socio-cultural world of 2020-2050: What might it mean for militaries? The Wavell Room 2018

A Case Study - The Librarian Wars (Leadership and selecting the right centre of gravity) The Cove 2017

How Climate Scientists Cut Through a Political log-jam of Gigantic Proportions Lowy Institute 2016

Why climate change needs 60,000 artists to tell its story The Conversation 2016


Reports, submissions

Submission to the Australian Defence Strategic Review, (2022).  

Submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry: Implications of climate change for Australia's national security, Submission 47 (2017). 

Australian Army Discussion Paper: TEAMING: An introduction to gender studies, unshackling human talent and optimising military capability for the coming Era of Equality: 2020 to 2050 (2017)



2022 'Cancelled Woman: poems about totalitarianism creep in Australia' (print book or e-book)

2020 'Timor' in Our spirit collection: creative works of Australian Defence Force women from 1960s onwards.


Media coverage and reviews

2023, 22 Apr. Jamie Seidel, Terrifying ‘hyperthreat’ coming for Australia as El Nino chance rises(Write-up "PLAN E wargame", Canberra.) 

2022, 25 Nov. Robert Hunziker, The Foreboding Hyperthreat Looms Large, Counterpunch

2022, 1 Jul. Robert Hunziker, US Marine Press Takes on Hothouse Earth, Counterpunch.

2022, 23 Jun. Nafeez Ahmed: Defence Agencies ‘Accelerating’ Risk of ‘Hothouse Earth’ US Military Study WarnsByline Times


Book Reviews

Book Review: Wings of Change: The inside story of Australia's first female Green Beret Commando and her fight for change' (2022) by Robyn Fellowes

Book Review: All Day Long the Noise of Battle (2011) by Gerard Windsor

Book Review: The Amazons  (2016) by Adrienne Mayor

Book Review: Elon Musk How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping Our Future (2017) by Ashlee Vance


Other blogs - random musings 

BLOG site: The Topo Is Changing (~ 2017)

BLOG site: Medium