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Better Futures Forum Australia - 6-7 Sept - Register now. Online options

Posted By ,
Monday August 29 2022 17:28 PM
The Better Futures Forum Australia is on 6-7 September 2022, in Canberra, Australia. PLAN E will be briefly introduced during Day 2, during the panel titled: Preparing Australia for Climate...

Global Climate Change Week - PLAN E talk - 18th October 2022

Posted By ,
Monday August 29 2022 17:00 PM
PLAN E will be introduced during "Global Climate Chance Week" 18 - 24 October 2022.  To attend the PLAN E talk, please register via EventBrite.  The talk is on: Tuesday 18th October, 6 to...

Quillwood Podcast - Eric Garza chats with Dr Liz Boulton

Posted By August 2022,
Monday August 29 2022 13:07 PM
Please to share a podcast with the wonderful Dr. Eric Garza from the Quillwood Academy & University of Vermont.  Other talks on the Quillwood podcast channel are...

Recording: UNSW Webinar - 3rd August 2022

Posted By Liz Boulton,
Tuesday August 16 2022 20:47 PM
If you missed the 3rd August 2022, UNSW webinar, here is the recording. The talk goes from 3:33 to 43 mins, followed by Q & A.  Thanks again to UNSW Canberra for this wonderful...

"The Climate Action Show" Podcast with Vivian Langford

Posted By Liz Boulton,
Tuesday August 16 2022 20:00 PM
Wonderful to discuss PLAN E with the insightful Vivian Langford on  "The Climate Action Show" podcast!  Thanks to 3CR for the opportunity! Recording...

UNSW Alumna Dr Elizabeth Boulton addresses the ‘hyperthreat’ of climate change

Posted By University of New South Wales ,
Tuesday July 26 2022 12:09 PM
UNSW Alumni article introduces PLAN E and Hyperthreats: ...

Defence Agencies ‘Accelerating’ Risk of ‘Hothouse Earth’ US Military Study Warns

Posted By Nafeez Ahmed 23 June 2022,
Tuesday June 28 2022 21:16 PM
Global risk and 'join the dots" expert Nafeez Ahmed reviews PLAN E in 'Byline Times'  Defence Agencies ‘Accelerating’ Risk of ‘Hothouse Earth’US Military Study Warns  

Applying war theory to the hyperthreat of climate and environmental change

Posted By Liz Boulton,
Thursday May 26 2022 15:06 PM
News article published by "Independent Australia"... link below:  Applying war theory to the hyperthreat of climate and environmental change

Clubhouse Chat with Dan Miller

Posted By EGB,
Wednesday May 25 2022 14:08 PM
Liz Boulton will be chatting with US climate innovator and thinker, Dan Miller and co. about Hyperthreats and PLAN E via this new App called "Clubhouse." It costs $15 to download but seems to offer a...

Litter is a killer #Hyperthreat

Posted By LB,
Friday October 30 2020 21:00 PM
Here is a picture of some dumped camping gear that I found lying in a local river.  It was obvious the plastic sheets and other toxic bits could kill or suffocate various critters. There were...