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October 2022

Webinar: War in a Changing Climate

Posted By Liz Boulton,
Monday October 24 2022 21:46 PM
Wars are raging and the climate is collapsing. Is there something that can be done to address both problems at once?Join in a different type of US, New Zealand & Australian security dialogue!9...

Humanity to launch Hyper-Response 2 January 2023

Posted By ,
Sunday October 16 2022 19:00 PM
After a year of: (1) Almost constant attacks by the hyperthreat of climate & environmental crisis, across all continents; (2) Warnings that climate & ecological ...

"Hyperthreat and Healing" - Dr. Elizabeth G. Boulton, live with David Baum.

Posted By Collapse Club ,
Sunday October 09 2022 12:11 PM
Want to join the discussion? Live, Tuesday 11th October... In this talk, there will be more focus on non-human forms of life,  and how PLAN E: ...